I stand against confiscatory taxes, totalitarian collectives, and the ideology of the inevitability of the death of every individual. — Peter Thiel.

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Who made this?

I might choose to share that later. It’s hardly important. I have no affiliation with any of the people listed on this site, old media, new media or any political movement. I’m just a person who is trying to tell the truth. Talk to me @edustentialist.


Why did you make this?

I wanted there to be a place where people who are looking for real discussions could be directed to start their journey. The traditional media is only offering soundbites, conformity and ideologies. There is very little room for partisanship or truth between warring factions.

Eric Weinstein’s intellectual dark web seemed as good a category as any to build this website around. Plus, he did ask.


Is this an alt-right website?

No. The people listed on this website have a diverse range of political positions, left, centre and right on the traditional spectrum. That is probably the least interesting thing about them. Where they begin to converge are on issues of the individual vs collectivism, liberty over authoritarianism, and the importance of freedom of speech. If you pay attention, they have a lot more to share as well.

If “alt-right” was your initial thought, you may be suffering from Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome or captured by a political ideology. You might also live in a mythical place called the left pole where any opinion that doesn’t conform to your orthodoxy is considered far-right. The exact same applies in the opposite direction. Check yourself.

Journalists and others who label freethinkers as alt-right nazis are confused or dishonest. Either way, they are worth calling out or avoiding.

In fact, the author of this site is left of centre with mostly progressive, liberal values but considers all views.


What is this critical darker web category?

Since putting up the site, I’ve had lots of interesting conversations and feedback and plenty of it has been contradictory. Being a middle-way sort of person, I didn’t want to remove people from the website, despite reasons for doing so being… reasonable. For instance, people have said such things as:

  • What is X doing on there? They’re not dark
  • Some of the people who aren’t careful with their words discredit others by association
  • Some of the people aren’t terribly intellectual
  • Such a grouping creates its own orthodoxy
  • This list is too safe

They are points that I’ve considered and I won’t respond to them in words right now but in action. I’ve added tags to separate people’s roles and two categories: intellectual dark web and critical darker web.

The group in the intellectual dark web category are some of the people that Eric Weinstein was alluding to when he used the term and others of that mould. They seem to be where ideas are sparked and disseminated.

The critical darker web is how I’m referencing a similar and connected group containing people that massage and apply the ideas from the original group. They can be any of:

  • less visible than those in the initial group but combine for a similar effect
  • even more controversial and less palatable to mainstream media but still guided by science and reason
  • speak to a considerably different audience than the original group
  • use lines of thinking from the original group to apply focused critiques

These are, of course, extremely subjective placements and it’s hard for them to be anything but when dealing with such ill-defined things.

There are some very interesting suggestions for people and organisations coming through that I would categorise into this critical darker web. I think we can have a lot of fun with it!


Why is X on this site?

They are part of a discussion that is happening online. They are part of the new media and not the old. Many of them have taken an honest stand, been burnt by the orthodoxy, and found people in the new media that are ready to listen, discuss and debate ideas. Although they may disagree on many things, there are certain convictions that they seem to hold in common:

  • A willingness to engage in conversations with people who have different beliefs and political viewpoints
  • Ideas worth listening to
  • Rationality over feels
  • Honoring of freedom of speech
  • Honoring of the truth
  • Rejection of identity politics
  • Regard for the individual
  • People who don’t want them to speak their truth
  • Courage


Why isn’t X on this site?

Do you think that someone should be added to the list? Leave a comment below. You can log in with twitter or another social account.

If people agree, I can put them up. Or I won’t.


There’s a mistake on this website

Highly likely. let me know below.


This site could be used against the people on it

That is possible. But the people on this website have decided to take a stand. This is just one more door to their ideas.

If you’re on the site and don’t want to be, please let me know.


Isn’t the name intellectual dark web kind of cringey?

Yeah, but so’s your face. 😉


This website is bad because X

I hope it’s useful to someone. It’s been a curious thing for me. Please, try not to take life too seriously and remember, I’m just some nitwit on the interwebs.

❤ Thanks to this merry crew of nerds and especially, EW, for doing your thing.